We Began

In 2020; a year of global reforms, our yearn to address the new normal, led us to come together to form a brand experience agency that would introduce a new and futuristic approach to experiential marketing in India. LiquidSpear was founded on the belief that brand experiences are flexible & fluid enough to take on any shape or form that excites marketers, captures the attention of your desired audience and communicates your message in a forthright manner. We exist to make a statement, no matter the approach, process or medium.

We Are

We are a multi-faceted brand experience agency seeking to create unparalleled engagements that not just achieve marketing aims and deliver results but are also financially rewarding. With research, innovation, precision and fluidity at our core, we tailor-make marketing solutions with brands for their desired audience. Ranging from MICE, Corporate Events, Luxury and Lifestyle to private events, we are at your service to curate content and create experiences with a promise to meet your aims, whether live or virtually.

What We Do

Experiential MICE

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibition travel with a special focus on providing targeted & unique experiences.

Corporate Events

Special events, conventions, conferences and boardroom meetings with a value-driven approach.

Luxury & Lifestyle

Branded events curated to cater to premium audiences, delivering brand messages in style.


Intellectual property events ranging across sports, educational content, fashion, lifestyle, luxury curated from scratch for brands with their marketing message at the epicentre.

Digital Marketing

Content creation, website development and social media marketing for all mediums of brand experiences.


Marathons, cycling events, sporting game matches, sporting leagues, etc. created as IPs or sporting events for brands.

Private Events

Weddings, themed parties, family events and other private celebrations curated from scratch for our esteemed clientele.

Virtual Events

Live capture broadcasts, simulive streams, virtual conferences, virtual reality experiences and augmented reality experiences for brands with a cutting edge approach and expertise.


How we do it


    The Fact-finding

    A good plan is well researched. Detailed study of market scenarios, competitor analysis, target audience psychographic and demographics help us curate campaigns to achieve your goals.

    The Groundwork

    Wielding our research and strategic insights, we storyboard campaigns with full-blown action plans to bring them to life.


    The Lightbulb

    Guided by our brand research and strategic target audience insights, we conceptualise and create campaigns for brands with messaging that is not just relevant but targeted and compelling.

    The Prose

    Content; it is the centre of our marketing universe. We don’t just write; we appeal, we advocate, we reason and we convince; all through the power of good messaging.

    The Digital Pitch

    Ranging from SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Development to structuring the tech behind your Virtual Events, we digitally equip to put your best pitch forward.

    The Sketch

    We design custom visual messaging for each of our brand experience campaigns, whether on digital or on ground in the form of website, branding, campaign messaging, event design and spaces.


    The Show

    We plan, design and execute live events across the world ranging from Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions to Intellectual Properties, Luxury, Lifestyle, Sports and Private Events for our global clientele.

    The Digital Spectacle

    We create virtual experiences for internal and external audiences of brands by planning, designing and executing customised webcasts, webinars and virtual conferences creating a real-time digital spectacle of an event.

    The Follow-Up

    We don’t just stop at the event, we go a step further, extending the impact of our experiences to create memory-driven impressions on the minds of our audience.

At the helm


Founder & CEO

He comes with more than a decade worth of experience in Events, Intellectual Properties and Experiential Marketing. He has developed and executed IPs across sports, lucury, lifestyle and educational content. He has also worked with various corporates from the Banking & Finance, Healthcare, FMCG and Telecommunications Sectors.

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