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Why Us
Why Us?

Alphaniti is built on the core traits of being Smart, Efficient and Trustworthy!

  • Powerfull Stock
    Powerful Stock
  • Powerfull Stock
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    Sell Signals
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    High Quality Stock
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About Us

We are an Online direct to consumer Investment Platform
straddling diverse asset classes and geographies

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Client Testimonials

Super Easy to Use

While I was in college, I was told to start investing early but I didn’t know how to start! This was my first experience with investing on my own. Super easy to sign up and use! Would recommend StockZ Genie for anyone looking for hassle-free high-quality stock investments.

-Soumya Salimath

Convenient Options

As a homemaker, I always felt I did not have the expertise to invest my savings. I signed up to Alphaniti, one of a kind investment platform with an extensive range of offerings to choose from. The best part is to have such high-quality stock baskets at an affordable cost.

-Asmaben Loya

US Market Access

I was exploring options to invest in the US market when a friend introduced me to Alphaniti, the platform opened up a great range of US stock baskets and strategies , and it is helping me build a globally diversified portfolio completely online.

-Dinesh Layek

Trading Capability

A fantastic platform to invest in right from baskets to stand alone stocks! What really caught my attention was the StockZ Genie having a professional trader like set up with smart & automated indicators for a beginner like me.

-Jayesh Nahar

Investment Options

Alphaniti lives up to its pedigree in Investments. This platform has really helped me put together my investments in diverse thematic stock baskets. I started small and have also made multiple additional investments due to solid performance. Also, there is no dependency to call someone and seek help for rebalancing and have my portfolio managed so actively by me!

-Santhosh Martis