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Carbon Tile

Carbon Tile

We build products by upcycling
Air Pollution

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air pollution
It is the most important factor causing health risks all around the globe. Among the toxins present in the polluted air, Particulate Matter (PM particles) are the most dangerous. We collaborated with AIR-INK who pioneered the concept of recycling carbon emissions.
air pollution
The pollution is captured from the major emitting sources like factory exhausts. The captured carbon is then used in making the tiles. This helps us lessen carbon emissions through building materials. Thus, making Carbon Tile, a commercial solution for Climate Change Action.
air pollution
Through generations, humans have developed various crafts for cultural expression that shaped and enriched our lives. We fused the traditional cement tile making technique with the captured pollution to handcraft various inspiring patterns.
air pollution
We empower unskilled labours through employment to create environmentally-conscious products. This creates an opportunity for people in the local Indian communities to become self-sufficient and improve their standard of living.

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