Monetise knowledge, by solving startup problems

Wizly empowers domain experts, entrepreneurs and professionals to solve, connect and earn by answering questions from startups.

From Search to Solve

Get non-Google-able answers and solutions from experts in a fast, easy and curated way.

Cut through the noise

We will help you find the right people to solve your problem. This will fast track your path to find the right answers and connections

Follow your favorite experts

Follow your favorite experts, their audio notes and content. Get more insights on relevant topics.

Transforming knowledge into micro-advice

With our powerful platform features, and audio answers, we are helping startups scale and succeed faster by providing answers they require in micro and accessible formats.

Build your brand as a thought leader

We are creating more opportunities by matching experts to solve challenges that only their unique insights can provide. Popular experts and answers are highlighted on the platform.

Power Queuing

Reorder, triage, filter, shuffle.

Offline Search

Search full text and within
articles, even when offline.


Organize your library for quick recall.


Connect writers from Twitter and Gmail. Sync highlights to your second brain.

Audio Highlights

Highlight while you listen without looking at the screen.


Share beautiful quoteshotes, optimized for Twitter.

Don’t just solve, create impact and earn royalties

We have made it easy for you not just to solve. We create great audio or text content with the right tags and context of discussions. Earn royalties every time your content is read or listened to.