Finally, a better reader

Matter pulls everything you want to read into one beautiful place.
With powerful tools, social curation, seamless audio and more,
we're building a reader for today's internet.

One place for all your reading

Better read-it-later is just the start. Follow your favorite writers,
save Twitter threads, and get control of that newsletter
situation. With Matter, you’ll never miss out on a great read

Save anything for later.

Save articles, threads, and PDFs. Behind the scenes, we’re developing the most advanced parsing technology so you can read without distraction.

Get newsletters out of your inbox.

We love newsletters. Emails, not so much. Get all your subscriptions – free and paid – delivered straight to Matter. Connect Gmail or use your unique Matter email address.

Follow writers, not feeds.

Keep up with the latest from your favorite voices. Wherever they publish.

Read with superpowers.

We’re building the best reading experience, ever. With advanced
speech synthesis, smooth highlighting, quoteshots, and more,
Matter lets you do more with what you read.

Switch between audio and text. Seamlessly.

Turn your newsletters, blogs, and articles into a
playlist with a voice so human it’s hard to
distinguish from, well, a human.

Capture knowledge as you go.

Highlight without friction. No more multi-step
highlighting flows that take you out of reading
flow. Simply long press and drag your finger. Or
use the pencil on iPad.

Power Queuing

Reorder, triage, filter, shuffle.

Offline Search

Search full text and within
articles, even when offline.


Organize your library for quick recall.


Connect writers from Twitter and Gmail. Sync highlights to your second brain.

Audio Highlights

Highlight while you listen without looking at the screen.


Share beautiful quoteshotes, optimized for Twitter.

Connect with readers you trust.

Get recommendations from your network and beyond. Matter is
social from the ground up because when it comes to reading,
context matters.

Cut through the noise, with curators.

99% of the best stuff wasn’t written in the past week. Curators surface long-time classics and obscure finds that push big ideas forward.

Be a curator.

Your reading identity should have a home, and now it does: a profile that’s just for the good stuff you’re reading.

See your friends’ highlights.

Matter is the first reading technology that gives you embedded highlights and annotations from people you know, not anonymous “top highlights”.