Art Competition

What makes you creative and innovative with your painting/ artwork?
What is the state of mind, emotion, material or technique that inspires you?
How far do you think you can push your creative limits?

Introducing India’s first ever - National Online Art Competition!
This initiative is meant to foster new talent and YOU could be the winner of the cash prize.

Enter the Art Competition 2020 by Mojarto!

Art must be accessible to everyone, and what better way than to give the artist a sweet spotlight!
At Mojarto, we hope to promote and nurture the interests of the artist and thus our excellence towards the arts, making this the first step towards achieving that goal.

For this online contest, we are looking for artworks that reflect excellence and originality, as well as a
variety of styles and subjects. We hope that you, are just as passionate about art and know your creative prowess, therefore making this quite an exciting stage for anyone who would like to enter.