E-Customer Acquisition Form

Part a : information
2. Installation Address
3. Registered Mobile Number (optional)
Part B: Service Subscription related information
1. Details of services subscribed
1(b) Bouquets of FTA channels
1(c) Lock in period, if any
2. Network capacity fee
2(a)Number of SD channels subscribed
(Note: 1 HD channel =2 SD channel)
2(b) Network Capacity Fee (NCF)
(Note: NCF=Rs.130/- for 0-200 channels
NCF=Rs.160/- for >200 channels)
3. Mode of payment (pre-paid or Postpaid)
4. Subscription amount to be paid
Part C: CPE related information
1. Scheme opted
(Other schemes- CPE (including STB)
  • Sale
  • Rent
2. CPE Category
(Choice: CPE including ODU / CPE without ODU) (ODU: Outdoor Unit)
3. Monthly rental for CPE (Rent scheme)
(Advance Rental for Y months) and Nil Rental after Y months
4. Refundable security deposit for CPE if any
5. Retails Price for CPE
(Sale/any other scheme)
6. VC Number
7. Type of set top box
8. Service Commitment
1 year (Sale)
  • 1 year (Sale)
  • 3 year(Rent)
Part D: Customer care Centre related information
1. Customer care Centre numbers
2. Toll free customer care Centre number
3. Customer care Centre e-mail
Part E: Details of payment made
1. Total Amount paid
2. Refundable security deposit, if applicable
3. Monthly rental for CPE and period of rent if applicable
4. Retail price of CPE in case of outright purchase scheme or Other scheme
5. Installation Charge
6. Activation Fee

I/We have read and understood all the terms and conditions of services mentioned herein/overleaf and unconditionally accept them as binding on me/us. I/We also understood all the tariffs, rates, charges and related terms and conditions at which services are provided to me/us by Tata Sky Limited as applicable as on this date and as amended from time to time. I/We hereby undertake to pay all charges raised on account of services availed by me/us. I/We confirm that the information supplied is authentic and if found otherwise then Tata Sky Limited reserves the right to withdraw all the services provided to me/us without any notices or assigning any reason and I/We undertake to indemnify Tata Sky Limited for the loss which it might have suffered on account of providing the said false information or giving wrong facts. I/We further confirm that the ‘Customer Premise Equipment’ (CPE) which has been installed in my/our premises is under the full legal, perpetual ownership of Tata Sky Limited and is installed only for the express purpose of providing the DTH services and no rights of ownership are transferred herein. I/We agree that I/We shall take due care of the CPE and also agree to return the CPE in good and working condition in the event of cancellation of the Tata Sky DTH’s services and/or termination of the Subscription Contract.