Innovating for the Future
Today, Innovation is already much more than new products, futuristic technologies and user centered design methodologies. Innovation is essentially about the journey of connecting one's personal capability with the larger ecosystem. It is this continuous attempt to explore the possibilities and come up with meaningful products, services, businesses, organizations and ecosystems. See how we can enable you to be prepared for tomorrow - where ecosystem- centered innovation will be an imperative.
Build your innovation capabilities - Learn flexibly with online courses
Explore and build strategic foresight with MIT ID Innovation Online Courses, and learn all that will be required tomorrow to build growth systems & instruments of transformation.
Or learn with an on-campus immersive experience
Think innovation. Think ‘immersion windows' that allow for interactions with relevant industries and user groups. MIT ID Innovation’s one-year Flagship Programme ensures rigorous projects that span various themes relevant to our times
Upskill for tomorrow: build your innovation capabilities today
Change is inevitable but tomorrow's innovators are thinking today. Tomorrow's innovators are building a future today. See how MIT ID Innovation’s Online Courses will help you upskill for tomorrow, so that whatever be your goal: helping your organization grow or excelling at your career, you can stay relevant.
Some collaborations and initiatives straight from the MIT ID Innovation lab
Supporting Innovators to supercharge their innovation capabilities through Workshops, Incubator, Networking Events and more.